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The programme now receives data from nine cardiac surgical units. This includes 6 Victorian Public Hospital Units, Mater Miseracordiae (Townsville, QLD) Flinders Medical Centre (SA) and Lake Macquarie (NSW). The Cabrini Hospital (Vic) has agreed to participate from 2008. Contracts with 8 NSW public hospitals have been signed and data collection is anticipated to also begin in 2008.

The 6th report from the Victorian Data acollection will be published later this year. At present no individuals or units fall below the acceptable criteria for performance and 2 are particularly outstanding. Reasons for this better than expected performance will be assessed and passed on to all members.

Regular reports have been published and are available from the links on the right. Older reports from the registry which were managed by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare but were discontinued in 1994. Participation of other units, both private and public in addition to those indicated, is awaited. The current dataset is available here. An Australian risk model Ausscore has been established. It will help us to benchmark around the country as well as with other similar databases.

Access to Data

For researchers wishing to access and use data from the ASCTS Database, the guidelines, fees for access and acknowledgement information can be downloaded by clicking on the links. Requests can be addressed by email to Prof Julian Smith at Monash University.

Other Useful Links

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Thoracic Surgery Outcomes

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Past Database Reports

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